HJALMAR classic tie

HJALMAR classic tie

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Tattersall squares in orange

  • Material : 100% Cotton
  • Width: 3 ⅛" (8 cm)
  • Length: 59" (150 cm)
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Hjalmar lives a traditional life in most aspects, without being an old fart though, he just hasn't found any good reason to change his ways. He's got a small mansion. He goes to dinner parties. He's an anglophile so he hangs back on the Isle of Wight or in Bath. He's in Rotary. He dresses traditionally too, of course, tweed, wool etcetera. If he strays from solid colouring he doesn't go further than plaid, tattersall or gingham patterns. You know, the landowner style. He likes to surprise, though, in his own small way, usually with some colour or material irregularity, nothing bigger than only a meticulous Rotary member might observe. Surprisingly he fell for the new television series Orange is the new black, which made Hjalmar a little crazier than usual (again from a very un-crazy starting point). So nowadays when Hjalmar wants to hang loose he replaces a blue or brown detail with sprightly orange, and - stop the clock - even uses cotton instead of wool.
More Information
Material100% Cotton
Width3 ⅛" (8 cm)
Length59" (150 cm)