Tying the perfect tie knot is easier said than done, but just keep tying and wearing and before you know it you’ll be one of the respected guardians of this fine and never-to-be-forgotten art. Personal taste, occasion and shirt are the factors in play when you decide what knot or tie pattern to choose. Once you’re done selecting it’s time to give another part of your mandom some attention - the beard.

Beard products from Mr Bear Family Beard products from Mr Bear Family

Grooming your beard is preserving your tie Despite silk’s supple appearence it’s a rather durable material. The resilience depends on factors such as weave and pattern. Wool ties, which are typically thicker in make, are also quite sturdy, and the same can be said about knit, both silk and wool. Cotton can in some cases be even sturdier than silk, but in return, both cotton ties and linen ties tend to wrinkle more.

Although we put a lot of effort into perfecting our fabrics, it can in extreme cases fray from an unkempt or newly shaved beard or sharp stubbles. So let’s see what we can do to reduce the risk for chafing.

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Bear wash Start by giving your beard a cleansing. We’ve tried more than a few beard washes and the best we’ve tried so far comes from Mr Bear Family, it really really makes the beard soft, and doesn’t irritate the skin at all. You definitely won’t get this sensation from regular sope. Alleged anti-inflammatory qualities don’t hurt either.

Beard oil & beard wax Same company has both oil and balm - Mr Bear Family Beard Oil och Mr Bear Family Bear Balm. The oil moisturises your beard - and it really doesn’t take a lot. And you can be sure that both your ties, bow ties - and more importantly the Mrs - will appreciate your efforts. The balm is most beneficial if you have a longer beard. Rub the balm between your palms and into your beard. Neither wash, nor oil or balm is cheap stuff, but when the look and feel definitely makes it worth the investment. And our ties and in particular bow ties definitely think it’s worth it.

Beard wash Beard wash

Combing Finally, comb your beard. The result will probably be more or less the same with a comb from the supermarket, but it’s a lot cooler to comb your beard with a beard comb made from 100% peach wood, which you of course also will find with the Bear Family :)

Beard comb from Mr Bear Family Beard comb from Mr Bear Family