Common questions and answers about the male cardinal symbol: The Necktie

What is the right length of your tie?

It is important that a tie has the right length to give a good impression. The wide end of the tie should cover the entire button row of the shirt and run down from the upper edge of the belt to about one cm above the belt buckle, optional end up in line with your belt buckle underside.

You can also use the tie length to fool your surroundings which will perceive you either as a little bit shorter or a little bit longer than you really are. A little more length on the tie makes you look a little bit shorter and vice versa. Remember not to change it to much!

If you have trouble getting the desired length of your tie you may need to switch to another tie knot. Windsor is the thickest knot which makes your tie shorter, half Windsor is a thinner knot and your tie will be a bit longer instead.

It can be said about jackets and ties that the length is of little importance if you wear a double buttoned jacket as this should always be worn buttoned up and the end of the tie should not be visible.

Which tie knot is the best?

The first thing you must do is to determine which knot you should use. Among the most common tie knots used to make a professional impression is the Half Windsor or Windsor. Another favourite is the well used four-in-hand knot. Your choice of tie knot depends on the material your tie is made of (the thickness) and the length you want on your necktie.

For a successful tie knot it is important to choose a right way to tie the knot. The absolute most common mistake many people make is that they tighten the tie knot too hard so the tie looks like a snare. So therefore keep in mind that it is hard to make a small tie knot with a broad necktie. It can easily look like it’s meant to strangle someone with the tie.

Woven neckties tend to be slightly thicker and the thickness can vary as to how thick the interlining is. Naturally the length of the tie is also of outmost importance. Here you have to adjust the necktie to a suitable length. Tie knots in all it’s glory but do not forget that it is really about the overall impression. The tie length, tie-pin placement and the clothing combined. It is not wrong to choose shoes with the same care as your girlfriend! Other things you can think of is to reflect on the lining of the collar fabric. A beautiful carefully picked collar fabric is a fine bonus. Also check the interlining of the jacket. Remember, you can always see and feel quality. Never compromise with accessories. A single tie can change your entire wardrobe and determine the treatment you receive from others.

Are there any good tricks to tie a really nice English tie knot?

The English tie is tied just like four-in-hand rather slim and slightly asymmetrical. The four-in-hand knot is often a simpler and better alternative because it is well suited to all types of shirt collars and tie sizes.

What is the right placement of a tie pin?

A common decoration of the tie is a so called tie pin. The tie pin should be placed exactly in the middle of the tie. In order to determine what is the middle of a necktie, do this:

1. Grab hold at the end of the tie and fold it gently against the base of the tie knot.
2. Place the tie pin in the crease.

The real purpose of a tie pin is to keep the narrow end of the tie in place and to be sure that it encloses both the thick and the thin part of the tie.