“The royal colour” as it is often referred to is becoming more acceptable. Compared to the red “power” tie”, purple is a colour that makes you stand out from the crowd and shows a bit of self-confidence. Purple ties can be used spring, summer or fall but maybe not the best choice during winter. Lavender, purples cousin colour if you will, is sometimes described as a medium purple or a light pinkish purple and is definitely worth trying out with a light grey suit during warm summer days.

Trying to create lasting first impressions or just looking for something different, regardless of your intentions, don’t overlook purple ties from now on.


Notch Hamza purple tie

Notch Hamza tie
Shadowed lightblue nailheads on purple ribbed silk.

Notch Jambali purple tie

Notch Jambali tie
Semi-solid purple tie with nailhead pattern in purple.

Notch Tywin lavender coloured tie

Notch Tywin tie
Lavender coloured tie with dark navy paisley drops.