Every fashion retailer needs to go through his collection periodically, and purge it so to speak, a bit like you sometimes have to cull a forest or flowerbed so that what’s left can grow better, or because you want to plant something new there. Some thing’s gotta give for other things to live. The result of this tie purgatory is often a sale.

In the same way as some designs seem to sell, year in year out, some designs fall out of season, or don’t sell for another reason. Renovation is simply an end in itself sometimes, so the sale is not necessarily because we want to get rid of certain designs. Every pattern in our inventory has once been selected, designed, loved. So, picking out products for sales is more a matter of killing your darlings.

Every now and again we get happy customer mails – someone has found a true tie or bow tie love – quite often we have reason to raise a surprised eyebrow because it’s one of those designs that didn’t sell so well, a pattern that just happened to hit that particular person’s taste spot on. We interpret this as the human taste’s fifty shades of grey, a celebration of the fantastic variety and huge span of human taste. If something doesn’t suit the majority you can usually be quite certain that it’s going to be perfect for those special few.

So that’s why you can always find something that hit’s your spot in a sale.

So come and see if you can find a bargain in ours - before someone else does!