Finally got online to order some tie bars to keep those ties from swinging? Thumbs up for that! A question we get a lot: "Where does my tie bar go?" We don't really like pointing fingers, truth is never absolute when it comes to fashion. As long you feel comfortable, you're fine - that's our motto. Having said that, let us give you three pointers about how some fashionistas think around tie bars/tie clips.

1. The tie bar's length (width)

Let your tie decide the length of the tie bar. If your pick of the day is a skinny tie, a 2,5-4 cm tiebar is probably a good idea. Some people go for just a bud though, like our Massaranduba one that only measures 2,2 cm. With classic width ties, aim between 3,5 and 5,5 cm.

These are just pointers, but we don't recommend going longer than 3/4 of the tie's width. Using a tie bar that goes across the whole width of the tie is never a good idea in our book. Tie Bars in wood from

2. Placement of the tie bar

Not too high, not too low, just so! seems to be a general consensus in regards to the vertical positioning of the tie bar. Well, where the freak is that then? Between the 3rd and 4th shirt buttons is a "rule" that pops up a lot. So there's your safe choice.

But, again, you're going to see people wearing tie bars both higher and lower than that, still looking swell. Just as long as you put some thought into it, trust your own decision, even though some know-it-alls will frown and snigger among themselves. You'll always be the boss of your own taste, right? Where does my tie bar go?

3. Don't forget the shirt

The general idea of the tie bar is of course to keep your tie from going skinny dipping in soup and sauce and whatnot, so make sure the tie bar is attached to both tie and SHIRT! Now there's a rule Tieroom can endorse unequivocally. View Tieroom's selection of tie bars!