EVOCAREZZA Green bow tie

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Small, multicoloured flowers on emerald green
Printed Silk from Como, Italy
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Bow tie size guide
Product ModelLengthWidthNeck Size
Self-tie bow tie2 ⅝" (6.5 cm)4 ¾" (12 cm)13 ⅓" - 18" (34 cm - 46 cm)
Pre-tied bow tie2 ⅝" (6.5 cm)4 ¾" (12 cm)13" - 22 ⅞" (33 cm - 58 cm)



Jungle green has rarely looked more splendid or becoming than in this floral bow tie. Thanks to the small flowers in various colours it's easily combined with a variety of different fabrics, outfits and looks, despite the potent colour. At the moment, Evocarezza is longing for the company of a slightly tilted fedora. Grant this request, and you won't regret it!