The Knitted Revolution

Sensations in silk and wool

Suiting up is becoming a broader concept day by day and formal wear seems to leave a lot more leeway for play – perhaps the knitted tie’s coming back in style is a sign of informal fashion winds blowing. Or is it perhaps a sign of the modern man’s openness to the softer values in life :)? Whatever the explanation, the knitted revival is a fact. Knitted ties were really popular in the sixties with Sean Connery, James Dean and the Beatles as flagpost wearers. The revival has been going on for quite a while in Italy, with ever more markets latching on. Knitted bow ties have been more rare, but we have a hunch that these chubbies, with their unique, slightly drooping expression, will catch many eyes! And the pocket squares are simply spectacular and actually work well with non-knitted ties as well. Notably several of the pocket square designs differ from the ties.

There are many strengths to knitted: the knitting process produces an undulating web where the tiny level differences on the surface creates shadow effects that adds an extra dimension, a dynamic and vibrant feeling you do not get in plain weave. And knitted accessories can both play down a formal outfit and boost a casual one. Although viable for formal wear, knitted ties rarely feel as formal as plain silk woven ones. Its very visible crochet stitches and bobtail (the straight lower edge) is bound to catch eyes on all occasions, and assumably, the majority doesn’t choose knitted, so if you want to stand out a bit, knitted is a good choice. Silk knit doesn’t wrinkle either, so if packed it’ll come out of your luggage looking as great as ever - a perfect choice for Christmas, really, when you want to feel comfy with family and friends, but still look your best. Knit creates bigger knots, though, so choose smaller knots, like four-in-hand.

Most knitted ties are made out of silk or wool. Knitting patterns seems to be more challenging than weaving them, which may partially explain why knitted ties are predominantly solid. Our collection broadly follows this “knit protocol”, with 22 silk ties, 11 wool ones and roughly half of them solids. All but three are moss knitted - solid Placido is Bolmo knitted. Among the patterned ones you’ll find Bruin, Giles, Luuk, Orhan and Pim clad in starry v-dots, polka dots on Yale, Padraig and Quinn and careful stripes on Arnold, Horst, Uwe and Werner (the two latter flat-knitted). Arild and Cees are perhaps the odd birds out in the crowd, but nonetheless dashing.

We give you The knitted revolution, knitted joy from

Notch ALOIS |

Dark blue knitted silk with red stripes

Notch ALVARO |

Reddish brown knitted wool weave

Notch ANGELO |

Knitted silk in darkest navy

Notch ARILD |

Green & navy silk knit, gold & white thin stripes

Notch ARNAUD |

Dark beige wool knit

Notch ARNOLD |

Navy silk knit with white stripes


Golden brown, bronzelike silk knit

Notch BRUIN |

Maroon silk knit with white v-dots

Notch CEES |

Wool knit in red, grey and black


Dark brown silk knit

Notch CRUZ |

Moss knitted grey wool

Notch FALCO |

Alternately navy and burgundy moss knitted silk


Creamy pink (light mauve) moss-knitted silk.

Notch GILES |

Dark brown moss-knitted silk with white v-dots

Notch HORST |

Navy silk knit, stripes in two different browns

Notch JUAN |

Navy blue knitted wool

Notch JULES |

Scarlet red knitted silk

Notch JULIEN |

Light orange moss knitted silk

Notch KURO |

Moss-knitted black silk

Notch LUUK |

Moss-knitted green silk with white v-dots

Notch MILO |

Knitted dark purple wool, sewn, white polka dots

Notch ORHAN |

Navy knitted silk with light blue v-dots


Navy knitted silk with sewn, white polka dots

Notch PIM |

Navy knitted silk peppered with red v-dots


Navy moss knitted silk peppered with red v-dots

Notch QUINN |

Black moss knitted silk with white polka dots


Navy moss knitted silk with red polka dots


Dark green moss knit


Orange moss knitted wool

Notch UWE |

Navy wool flat-knit with light blue stripes

Notch WERNER |

Green and blue striped silk knit.

Notch WYCLEF |

Green wool knit with white polka dots.

Notch YALE |

Black wool knit with white polka dots.

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