HANA classic tie

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Ribbed, light pink base with small, white dots
100% woven silk
3 ⅛" (8 cm)
59" (150 cm)


Japan, spring, Hanami time. Hanami is the Japanese tradition honouring the floral outburst of the cherry trees - Sakura. Picnic at Mount Fuji, strolling under a Sakura coating, Hana flutters softly in the wind while you're heading towards an embracing glade. His light pink base and white dots unite with the surrounding flowerage. The picnic basket hides soft-boiled eggs in broth, tofu, fried noodles and of course the sweets - sakura-mochi - haven't been forgotten. Suddenly, a spear in the stillness, the Japanese speed train Shinkansen whizzes by like a futuristic phantom. Hana sips some rice wine, eyes closed.