Adult ties

Tieroom's ties for adults come in only one length – 59,1 inches (59 ¹/₁₆") or 150 cm. This is an average length determined to suit the majority. When you tie your necktie, you will be able to adjust the "visible length"– i.e. how long the tie is from the top of the knot to the tie's tip – to suit your body and/or preference.

Children's ties

The children's or boys' neckties come in three lengths: The medium sized boy's tie is 125 cm long, tip to tip. The small, untied boy's tie is 110 cm long from tip to tip, and the small, pre-tied boy's necktie is 12,2 inches (12 ¹³/₆₄") from the top of the knot to the front tip. Notably, the pre-tied children's tie is slightly wider than the two other boys ties – 6 cm wide at the widest point. The reason for this is that due to how the width of the knot, as it turned out in the manufacturing process, it looked better a little wider.