Silk ties

A silk tie brings instant class and distinction to a gentleman's attire. Tieroom's silk tie collection is available in an array of patterns, from florals or stripes to paisley or polka dots. The highest quality silk is used for our ties, Mulberry silk and mainly a jacquard weave of 28 momme. Take your outfit to the next level.

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Ah, silk! How we adore you! Where does one commence with that finest and most noble of fabrics? It is little wonder that silk has been so desired by so many cultures for centuries, given how entrancing and beautiful it is. The Ancient Chinese were the masters of the almost-magical art of silk production and weaving. Countless Chinese dynasties elevated silk to the most revered of all fabrics and even products. There's a good reason why the fabled trade route was called the Silk Road, such was its importance. Marco Polo's travels to China ensured that silk became the de rigeur fabric of the royal houses of medieval Europe, not to mention rich merchants and families. That fascination with the sensual luster and smoothness of silk has remained to this very day. It explains why so many men's ties are still made with silk. The silk tie embodies all that is refined and sophistciated about the man. That is why Tieroom offers such a wide range of silk ties. Regardless of colour combination or pattern, silk ties are a must-have for any man's wardrobe!