CAESAR pocket square

CAESAR pocket square


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Big, artistic paisley in blue, red, white & yellow

  • Material : Printed Silk from Como, Italy
  • Width: 12 ⅝" (32 cm)
  • Length: 12 ⅝" (32 cm)

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How the freak do they do it, those Italians? Putting colours as strong as these together and still managing to come across as stylish and sophisticated is no small feat. It must be something in the soil or something, a remaining spirit Romes golden age. A fact is that Julius Caesar actually moved the city of Como from the surrounding hills to its current location around 2000 years ago. So put Caesar close to your heart and get in touch with the Roman in you! Grandioso!
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Material Printed Silk from Como, Italy
Width 12 ⅝" (32 cm)
Length 12 ⅝" (32 cm)