NOSEGAY Olive green pocket square

NOSEGAY Olive green pocket square


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Purple, white, blue & yellow flowers on olive

  • Material : 100% Cotton
  • Width: 11" (28 cm)
  • Length: 11" (28 cm)

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If you’re a pocket square kinda guy, you'll be overjoyed with this design? The earthy tones, the pops of blue, that clear-cut, bold floral pattern — it’s rustic and "barn chic" in a revived way. If your intention is to combine it with a beige or brown blazer, we’re inclined to agree with your style expertise. Don’t rule out the possibility of bolder colours though — perhaps a purple blazer?
More Information
Material 100% Cotton
Width 11" (28 cm)
Length 11" (28 cm)