PARTAJA PINK pre-tied bow tie

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Bright pink linen Chambray with small pink dots
Linen and Silk blend
2 ⅜" (6 cm)
4 ¾" (12 cm)
Neck size
13" - 20 ½" (33 cm - 52 cm)


Pink is a colour that makes some men skeptical, but we're in the 21st century now, and there's really no need for that. Partaja Pink is a blend of silk and matte linen though, which plays down the colour a bit. So don't hesitate, pink is stunning and the sun is shining. And if it's not, and it's raining instead you've definitely run out of options not to wear this gorgeous bow tie. Welcome the summer, welcome Partaja – he's longing to sit beneath your chin and check out wedding guests.