KARASTE CORAL self-tie bow tie

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Light coral silk & grid pattern in coral & white
100% woven silk
2 ⅜" (6 cm)
4 ¾" (12 cm)
Neck size
13 ⅓" - 18" (34 cm - 46 cm)


So you've found the love of your life? Good on you, and congrats! Time to plan a wedding, lot's of stuff to think about, and picking a bow tie is just as good to start with as anything else. Karaste Coral will give you a funky, small-patterned lively design that will work perfectly with any grey suit, a lighter version or charcoal. A boutonniere or pocket square in white or cream will make the ensemble complete. And I hope the smile is already in place, otherwise, make sure you get that sorted ASAP.