DANSGOLV BLUE skinny tie

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3d-dots in blue & white on light blue base
100% woven silk
2 ⅜" (6 cm)
59" (150 cm)


All people are individual – it sort of comes with being an individual ;) So whatever the plenties of wedding stylists spouting their tips online tell you, whatever tie you and your bride-to-be feel comfortable with, that's what you should choose. It's your day, it should be your choice. Dansgolv Blue will give you a unique yet stylish blue look. The 3d dots only make themselves known up close, otherwise it's just a blue tie with dots, with a bit of an extra oomph that will attract some eyes. A white hanky, a boutonniere with a dab of pink and you're good to go. Will stand out nicely in a dark suit.