FLOTT WHITE classic tie

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White twill with tone-in-tone paisley
100% woven silk
3 ⅛" (8 cm)
59" (150 cm)


Neutral colours have a way of signalling sophistication and class, and white more so than any other colour. Take a good look at this swanky tie - white twill spiffed up with a sensational, decorative paisley tone in tone. This design limits your choice of shirts, suits and jackets somewhat though (if you're not afraid to approach the Blues brothers look). But if you wish to stay clean and snazzy you'll wear Flott White with a white or very light grey jacket or blazer. If you choose a darker blazer, opt for a white or very light grey shirt. Any kind of white tie requires more savvy than other colours. A much more difficult style to pull off successfully. But no-one will kill you for trying. Good luck!