Blue ties

Blue has to be the most popular colour for men’s ties. The sheer array of hues of our blue ties is immense, for whatever the season or occasion. A glance through Tieroom’s many pages of ties in blue or with blue accents proves the point! Fabrics include finest knitted and woven silk and 100% cotton.

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Is there any colour with more diversity of shades than blue? It’s a colour that can evoke a thousand different feelings and states of mind, from cool and collected, to strident and even effusive. Blue is the colour of authority, of being in charge and having station in life. Is it any surprise that navy blue and Air Force blue are two of the most popular colours for men’s fashion? Our blue ties in multiple hues also come in the most fabulous fabrics. One-hundred percent woven silk in any shade of blue is the epitome of class and can be worn for any formal or business occasion. Silken to the touch with a refined gloss, these are accessories that belong with your designer suits and cashmere overcoats. Knitted silk in single-tone blue has wonderful texture and looks terrific for a leisurely yet stylish look. Then there’s our 100% cotton range in diverse patterns which complements any business attire in warmer weather and with looser fabrics. Quality cotton in lighter shades of blue also goes perfectly with cotton and linen blazers for summertime living.