DRUMMEL CORAL pocket square

DRUMMEL CORAL pocket square


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Solid coral pink with zigzag pattern tone-in-tone

  • Material : 100% woven silk
  • Width: 11" (28 cm)
  • Length: 11" (28 cm)

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If you mix two delicious ingredients, say strawberry jam and whipped cream, the outcome can't possibly be anything but appetising. I don't know if that particular colour mix would result in this specific colour, but I do know this coral creamy pastel creation is yummy as hell. The perfect colour combo for Drummel Coral is petrol, a magical mix of blue, green and grey. A bespoke petrol suit might be the best fashion investment of your life, so why not make it now, that you've go the perfect pocket square to go with it. The white shirt to go with will need a very slight tint of pink.
More Information
Material 100% woven silk
Width 11" (28 cm)
Length 11" (28 cm)