BRUDGUM CHAMPAGNE pre-tied bow tie

In stock
Solid champagne with tone-in-tone dots
100% woven silk
4 ¾" (12 cm)
2 ⅜" (6 cm)
Neck size
13" - 20 ½" (33 cm - 52 cm)


Don't be afraid of the little contrasts when it comes to your wedding garb. On the contrary, they will help you keep what's important in focus – love, joy, friends and the weight of the splendid occasion. Brudgum Champagne gives you a neutral yet warm shade on your bow tie, leaving you completely open to small elements of colour in other details – socks, cufflinks, lapel pin, boutonniere and more. And remember, that as groom, your not meant to outshine the real star of the day – the bride. So be handsome, but don't be too much. This bow tie will help you.