SOTNOS GREY pre-tied bow tie

In stock
Greyish base & flowers in pale purple & pale pink
100% woven silk
4 ¾" (12 cm)
2 ⅜" (6 cm)
Neck size
13" - 20 ½" (33 cm - 52 cm)


It's no surprise spring and summer has been named the wedding season, with all those bursting buds and blossoming flowers around. Not to talk about the birds and the bees. Love is in the air! Flowers is a very common motive for wedding bow ties, much more so than in men's fashion in general. The nuptial atmosphere seems favourable for florals. Sotnos Grey is a delilght shimmering in grey, with small, tasteful flowers in subdued shades of purple, pink and mauve. This will bring joy to many a bride and groom.