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ADEWALE skinny tie

ADEWALE skinny tie


Availability: 37 Pieces In stock

Solid golden moss knitt with bob tail end

  • Material : Knitted silk
  • Width: 2 ⅜" (6 cm)
  • Length: 59 ⅞" (152 cm)
Buy 3 ties and we will deduct £15 from your total. For every bought tie on top of that we will deduct an extra £5. Does not apply to products on sale.
So, making gold has been a bit of a mystery throughout history – well, we have the recipe: take some yellow, add a dab of red, dye some silk with this golden hue and knit your wits out – before you know it, you'll be ready to be king for a day, With Adewale hanging from your neck you're halfway towards reaching regal standings.
More Information
Material Knitted silk
Width 2 ⅜" (6 cm)
Length 59 ⅞" (152 cm)