ALSKAD PINK skinny tie

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Solid light pink silk & tone-in-tone grape vines
100% woven silk
2 ⅜" (6 cm)
59" (150 cm)


Flowers, leaves and plants are especially popular as motives on ties used at weddings, both by grooms, groomsmen and wedding guests. Perhaps it's the thought of all the buds about to burst, that spring when all things start growing again also is the no 1 wedding season, or simply the fact that florals beyond all symbolism are very festive. It's also a fact that many men who normally don't wear florals do so as grooms or wedding guests. And if men tend to wear flower motives at weddings, it's probably safe to assume that brides-to-be also approve of florals, considering the power balance with regards to fashion that prevails in most relationships. The creamy creation Alskad Pink would honour any grey or blue suit with its twisting leaf motive.